Who Reads Anymore? I Do and I’ll Do the Hard Work For Ya

Hi Everyone,

I know I keep taking these hiatuses. I blame my bipolar, but STILL I should be more consistent!

I keep thinking of how I can be a service to you. A service that isn’t being replicated in other areas. If I do something, I want it to be the best quality it can be.

If you’ve ever been by a self-help section in a local book store, you’ll notice that the section, like the DSM, constantly grows in size! Basically anyone who takes a little LSD, or has a little trick to get them through the day, writes a 400 PAGE BOOK ON IT. Incredible.

Now, with that said, this past year, many amazing books, filled with expert knowledge, have been produced. Sadly, for most of us who use only our phones and have the attention spans of 5 year olds playing Mario Kart, we will never read that 600 page book…even if it had all the answers to life.

That’s where I come in! I’m currently reading an amazing book called Principles by Ray Dalio. It is filled with so much useful knowledge that I’ve literally been highlighting the entire book!

So instead of paying $30 dollars and merely putting it on your book shelf, never to be read, how about I read it and make a cheat sheet for you. Like a more in depth Sparknotes? Will that work for you? Please give feedback as to your opinion and I’ll gladly not only do this process for this book, but for many other crucial books.

Yours Truly,


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