Do You Feel Lost? It’s OK. Everyone IS and it’s About Time We Started Talking About It. (Disclaimer: No Religious Preaching in Here)

Hello Everyone!

It has been a while. Much too long and I’m deeply sorry. I have a habit of diving head first into deep projects without doing the necessary planning beforehand. Over these last couple months, I have been doing a lot of thinking. There’s a million blogs and YouTube channels telling you what you should be doing. How you can “perfect” your life by trying a new hair style or dressing differently. It’s all bullshit. We know it’s bullshit but we still tune in weekly regardless. Why do we do this? Are we creatures of habit? Absolutely, but we mainly binge watch YouTube channels and Netflix series because we don’t know what else to do. Our normal lives are so mundane and predictable that it’s exciting to see a different world from what we’re used to. It’s a relief to watch self-help channels and books with the “hope” that everything will change. We will finally be who we were meant to be. 


I want you to stop what you’re doing. Put down the Starbucks that is the only substance keeping you afloat. Stop staring at your phone. Stop thinking about the million things you supposedly need to check off before you can tell yourself you had a successful day. I want you to really think about where you are at this moment in your life. The job you have…is it the one you dreamed of, or did other factors play into it (family, societal pressure to make money, status)? The current relationship you have. Is it one where you feel satisfied or is it merely the combination of two people who happen to have the same insecurities? Or maybe you’re about to get married or are already married because that’s what you’ve been told you’re SUPPOSED to do.

I’m about to be 25 and I already notice a dramatic shift in priorities when I go to bars and meet new people. The clock is ticking as they say and girls are very aware of that, and we all know that we make the best possible decisions when under stress right?

Then there’s the glaring fact that it’s been deemed unworthy of us to actually talk about things that bother us. We never want to be those “complainers”. Think of the kids in Africa! Now, I’m not belittling the fact that other countries do have hardship, but it’s stupid to tell a child that because they’ve only been exposed to what they’ve been exposed to. Just because people somewhere around the world have it worse than you DOES NOT MEAN YOUR EMOTIONS AREN’T VALID or that you should feel ashamed when you feel low in a relatively properious country. You don’t shun the Hindu in Asia because he doesn’t know about Christianity. We all have our own specific environments we are brought into. Yet, our society loves making us feel shitty when we just want to say we’re having a shitty day and have someone acknowledge that fact. This kind of thinking has made us cold and apathetic to everyone unless they are literally in life threatening danger. It’s completely sick and backwards thinking. We don’t need more therapists, we need less bullshit advertisements and more socially aware people.

I’m not going to take the hanging fruit and bash politics because any sensible person who reads multiple sources of information knows that it’s all just a game. Hyperbole after hyperbole to make everyone scared and resentful of the present leadership for the sheer purpose of getting votes and contributions for upcoming elections. Last time I checked, the world is still here and it will be for a long time to come but politicians will forever preach we need immediate change. They don’t care about us. Don’t be persuaded by their great speeches and tonality, they’re all egocentric sociopaths that just care about legacy. They want to be the person who passes a bill. Whether it’s good in the long run doesn’t matter, what matters is that their name is attached to that bill.

Society is so fucked up I don’t even know where to begin. We can’t be too angry at large companies and elitests though because we choose to continue to buy their shitty new iPhones that have 1 tweak compared to last year’s model. Lying is a cooperative act. You have to be a willing participant to be deceived.

So where is this rant going you may ask? Am I going to come to some magical conclusion that fixes everything in my final paragraph? No I’m not. I just want people to be more aware what’s going on around them. Obesity is an epidemic. Depression and anxiety continue to rise. We constantly willingly piss ourselves off by turning on the negative news. We need to make drastic changes and soon! The end of america will not be a nuclear war people, it will be a civil war.

How can you damage control/prevent? Stop complaining. Try going one week without complaining or using negative words. Don’t initially judge people. It does neither good for you in the short term and can become a destructive pattern in the long run. Remember the #1 thing most people notice of others is #1 what they feel self conscious about. Be the best you can possibly be…even on the shittiest of days

Jeffrey Joseph

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