Why Do We Only Enjoy 25% of Life?

You know when you have one of those ideas that won’t leave your brain? You want it to, but it lingers. It lingers because it was a genuine feeling; something this world has trained us to not accept nor demonstrate…unless behind a concealed wall at night of course. Then whatever you do is permissable.

I won’t name drop the philosopher, but he was famous for saying, “life is absurd”. Now, we all of course know that is the truth, but we continue to make it even more absurd as a society with each passing decade.

I don’t believe in conventional religion, but I really think Adam and Eve is a perfect starting point. Naked and happy. Life was something just to be lived. Life at that moment was an absolute blessing. Then an apple was eaten. Now, you can come to any conclusion you like. I happen to think the apple can be any “new idea”. You hear of a new model car that you never knew of and lo and behold you see it everywhere.

The idea is not necessary a lie, but it changed our universe and we continue to change our universe almost on a daily frequency. Because suppression and language dictate our world now. We don’t wear clothes to fight off the weather. We wear them because we’d be “obnoxious” if we didn’t, ie. “the new idea that changed our universe”

Consider just for a moment or two when you were the most happy. When did you laugh until you rolled around and couldn’t control yourself? Most of us draw back from childhood…because that was the last parts of our lives that was constantly filled with enjoyment, mystery, and wonder. Yet….0-18 is only 25% of most people’s projected lives. Why should we be condemned to only enjoy 25% of life? Why can’t we admit that we’re animals and just want connection, laughter, understanding and the occasional fuck?

Well, that doesn’t churn money folks. That doesn’t keep us controlled for others’ benefit.

I know I’m not the only one. We need to speak up. I don’t have the answer, but I know that what we’re doing is not working and won’t work until oblivion at this rate.


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