There is No Value in Being Coy–It’s OK To Be Honest

Why did that “perfect” married couple of 25 years suddenly expire? Why did that talentless asshole get the promotion and you didn’t? Why did you make so many impulsive mistakes while you were heavily intoxicated that Saturday night?

All these situations have a common ingredient–a lack of communication.

Married couples hardly ever talk about real issues that eventually sink them and instead prefer to waste vital time and energy focusing on buying those oh so perfect decorations for the Memorial Day party. Who cares if you need a glass of scotch to fall asleep? Those photos on Facebook were magnificent!

Maybe….just maybe that “talentless asshole” got the promotion because they had the courage to talk to their boss about their inherent worth to not only themselves, but also to the company.

All that active suppression you perform on a regular basis just to “get by” was regurgitated after your anxiety let up just a little. It’s not only not a surprise you made so many miscues Saturday night, it was actually DESTINED to happen…and you know as much. Whether you want to admit it or not is your decision.

No one can read minds. You never get what you don’t ask for. Suppression is only immediate gratification before the inevitable storm.

So next time SPEAK UP and see what you end up getting.

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