Does Love Exist?

Yes, I’m asking the question.

Do you really love someone, or is it a potluck of fear, obligation, and naivety?

Now, before I start getting rebuttals about your family members that you would “die” for, I’m questioning the idea of romantic love.

From the time I was an toddler, I was introduced to this idea. That all you need is a special someone and life’s challenges are manageable. You don’t have to fear getting older. Your deteriorating physical capabilities would be offset by someone holding up your other side. That sex has meaning and your partner, while occasionally tempted, would never deviate from you because they see the big picture. Lust is temporary. Love — permanent.

It really is a nice sentiment isn’t it? Is there someone in your life that undoubtedly meets all that criteria. If so, then God bless you because I have yet to see it…well yet to see it ultimately last. Is romantic love merely just a social construct that is ultimately doomed to our natural animalistic behaviors and wants? Is love taught in Biology class?

Let’s look at what “love” is today. Love comes in many forms, which might be the most convincing argument that it doesn’t exist.

Love in 2018 is:

-Your longterm girlfriend/boyfriend who becomes your wife/husband because enough years have passed and children need to be produced or the longterm girlfriend will feel less than her friends without that ring that really says it all.

-That girlfriend/boyfriend who constantly belittles you and treats you like shit, but you will do absolutely anything for them because you love them…because you’re a slave to them and they’ve manipulated your mommy/daddy issues

-Any person who will spend time with you because being alone with a book can only go so far. You convince yourself you love them because they’ve always been there, but have you ever really tested the waters?

-That hot piece that you wish you can own physically, but ultimately dominates you because your physical desires are so noticable that just a flash of skin is enough for the partner to get what he/she wants.

-That person you chase and chase. They keep resisting you. They put you in the friend zone, but damnit you love them and it’s meant to be. One day they will see the light.

Does Romantic love really exist or is it just a conquest for some and a surrender to others?

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