No, Snapchat Isn’t The Future You Want

The world is changing so quickly that it has become impossible to keep up with any trend. No one saw the internet becoming this. We’ve developed new norms for dating, communicating, and sharing information.

Change is inevitable, but too much of it too quickly can be catastrophic.

I’m genuinely scared for the future. We’ve all become self-absorbed narcissists. Romance is all but dead. And any given moment that’s good or bad has to instantly be compared to something in the next breath.

We’ve forgotten how to live and it’s sapping us of any real joy we can get out of life. And no matter what we create, nothing will ever compare to the natural. A content smile as you tell a joke. A warm compassionate hug.

We still give smiles, but we don’t listen anymore. We still give hugs, but they’re just robotic movements.

Call me a pessimist. Call me a downer. But I’m simply saying to all of you that I can’t be the only one who misses how things used to be.

We need to change. Realize that apps are just tools and like anything can warp us from reality.

And maybe we all want to escape reality, but what we create never satisfies. It’s just a fast food cheeseburger. You regret it as soon as it’s eaten.

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