Opening The Anxiety – Free Toolkit Part 1 (A Completely Random Listing With Something for Everybody)

Hi Everyone,

So I’ve been up a couple days without sleep due to some stomach issues and stress, and wouldn’t you know it, getting little to no sleep for an extended period or time seems to exacerbate anxiety related symptoms! So I went on one of my patented Google searches with one goal in mind. I’ve done this on countless of occasions, and I usually always find 1-2 handy tools or resources. But I’m horrible with note taking in the moment so I don’t have a large manifest to go to when I need…so you see where this is going you bright, young scholars you. This list is completely random. These are just things or methods I’ve come across and found from personal experience to be effective. I’ll score each item dependent on what they do in terms of short term anxiety and long term. You don’t have to do any particular method or take any particular supplement. These are suggestions with science-backed evidence. I’ll do 3 items or methods today and follow up with another short list next week!

1. “Weightless” – Marconi Union

Immediate Effectiveness Grade: A

– Do you believe there’s an 8 minute song on Youtube, right now, that if you listen to it can reduce your anxiety induced symptoms by as much as 65%! 8 minutes is just long enough to fit the song into any part of the day. Yes, it is that easy, and if you don’t believe me just give it a gentleman’s try.

2. Noopept

Immediate Effectiveness Grade: A

Long Term Effectiveness Grade: C

– Noopept is in a class of smart drugs called Nootropics. It is unregulated in the United States, so it is legal to buy. The problem with most things we see that are meant to reduce anxiety is that we are comparing them to Xanex, a prescription drug with prescription drug strength. While it is always better long term to work with anxiety from within, sometimes it is nice to have a bullet or two when you need one in the chamber.

Noopept crosses the blood-brain barrier and causes a substantial reduction in anxiety. Kicks in within minutes and lasts for hours! Not only that, it makes you want to socialize with everyone! To me, that is the best part because when I’m zonked out on Xanex, I become very antisocial. One thing to note: noopept builds a tolerance pretty quickly so it’s not really a long term option.

It is only $20 on nootropic sites so I would give it a shot if you’re the curious and adventurous type.

3. Lion’s Mane

Immediate Effectiveness Grade: B-

Long Term Effectiveness Grade: A

-Lion’s Mane is another supplement that falls under nootropics, but unlike Noopept, you can get this at the local vitamin store. Lion’s Mane is a type of mushroom that enhances cognitive performance and helps with attention. As I’ve mentioned before, you can’t be anxious if you’re present and focused. Lion’s Mane isn’t advertised for it’s anxiety benefits, but it does have a lowering effect on symptoms. For long term effectiveness, this supplement gets a high grade because it’s safe and can help with nerve function as well. You should be taking Lion’s Mane if you haven’t already to see how you feel.

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