Stop Lying To Yourself At Least

The lies we tell ourselves. They’re quite funny when you think about them.

“I’m fine with the stagnant job.”

“I’m ok with a sub-par relationship where trust and mutual respect are gone.”

“I’m not that out of shape. I mean, everyone else seems out of shape so it’s ok for me to keep stopping at Taco Bell on the way home every day.”

Those lies are easy to spot because we know the entire time it’s all bullshit. They usually come from our need to control the public persona we project.

“No one likes a whiner.”

We will keep repeating dumbass one-liners like this to ourselves while we forgo actually improving our lives to adhere to the make believe “standards” we assume the rest of society follows.

Come on, let’s just all think about how stupid this is for a moment.

La la la la la la la

*checks watch*

Ok time’s up.

Yeah. It’s THAT stupid. This isn’t Forrest Gump where his naivety produces some great aspects to his life as well.

No there is no silver lining to this.

You’re forgoing YOUR POTENTIAL HAPPINESS on a…

Wait for it…


Yeah. I mean, it would be one thing to be a spine-less individual who just follows the crowd and settles for whatever that path gives them. We all play that role from time to time.

BUT when the standard, crowd, or idea you’re following doesn’t ACTUALLY EXIST, there isn’t even something shitty to SETTLE FOR.

It’s a complete lose-lose situation, but guess what?

We KNOW this too!

And yet we continue to keep doing the same shit and spewing the same lies over and over again. Thinking that either something will magically change…

Or the more likely reason, we’ve GIVEN UP on that part of our lives.


I have an idea. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a good one. Do you mind if I bend your ear?

Ok…so maybe…just maybe we can…not tell ourselves these lies and actually own up to what habits, people, and thoughts limit us today WITHOUT BEATING THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF OURSELVES FOR FALLING INTO THIS PATTERN IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Did you notice all that bold on the end? Yeah, that’s because that’s the most important part.

We will look inward. (Ok check)

We will spot negative habits, people, and ideas. (Ok check)

But then we will kick ourselves worse because of just how bad everything truly is. We feel so bad at this point we decide to just say fuck it and continue doing nothing.

Yeah, so let’s not do that. Let’s be a friend to ourselves when we look at reality.

I’m not saying it’s even remotely easy. These will be the hardest times of your life most likely, but are NECESSARY to be the person you know you can be.

And apparently we only get one shot at this thing called life?

I don’t know. That’s what I heard from Becky, but she’s such a gossip. You know that.

Break free my friends,


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