‘Letters From A Stoic’ – Letter VII

Hi Everyone, lots of changes coming, so let me brief you quickly.

The site, once wordpress support gets back to me, will be ‘soulchiseling.com’

I changed the domain because the name is more appropriate for the direction this is headed.

What point is there to extinguishing anxiety and depression if one’s character gets devalued? Tools and habit reworkings are only the first stepping stones. Above all, we must keep ourselves as just beings, intact.

This is one letter from a great book I’d highly recommend called, ‘Letters From A Stoic’ by Seneca the Younger.

Seneca is a stoic philosopher who cuts to the core without remorse. He isn’t for the faint of heart, but he does provide some answers in the devoid field of philosophy.

The book contains the letters between Seneca and Lucilius, a promising student. The letters venture into any subject you can imagine, but the sparknotes version is that each letter is a steadfast rule for living a noncorrupt life.

I’m posting letter VII because it ties into the current hysterical times of today where I believe it’s necessary to remind everyone that what’s going on currently will not profit our country. Too easily do we give into our emotions, which is our curse as humans. And that will not change. But we cannot let our emotions destroy the foundations of our country.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you all. So without futher ado.

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