Paying Attention To What Makes Your Blood Boil

What are your triggers?

What subjects do you detest?

What traits do you hate the most about other people if shown?

Do not deflect and pretend there’s nothing in this world you hate. That will not lead to any improvement or understanding.

Simply put, the negative traits you notice first in others are traits you exhibit yourself or feel self conscious of.

Explore each trait more and you’ll see how it’s relevant to your thoughts and behavior.

Even what can only be interpretted as negative traits and actions usually do not have saintly origins.

For example, I hate when I see someone hurtfully criticize someone for no reason.

But why does that upset me so? Because I hate seeing people pained and hurt. Because I hate people judging others from an invisible elevated platform because they aren’t self aware.

Well I hate seeing people pained but I have much repressed anger. When I get ridiculed for no reason I become a wolf seething for blood and destruction. I constantly judge people every minute of the day, I just don’t sound out my thoughts. I am very unselfaware of all of my negative traits. I assume an elevated place to others because I have higher intelligence than the average.

I am no saint. A particular trigger of mine points directly to my faults.

I share this only to illuminate this quality. You’ll now notice how whenever someone tells you a story of someone, their first description of a person is usually a mark upon their insecurities and overcompensations.

But this applies to you as well. The way to turn this into a positive is to reflect on these triggers and traits and learn how to minimize them and become more accepting of other people’s appeared deficits.



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