Supplements for Depression

Hi everyone,

I’ve mentioned a few times before. It’s a great site for searching experimental data on tons of supplements. Unfortunately the site was much more helpful in 2015 than it is now. For basic information you can still use it, but for lists such as a guide for depression you have to pay.

Lucky for you I did. So here are the supplements listed on with a brief description of why they are effective and dosage sizes.

Note: I’ve included the whole document and even the ‘Unproven supplements’ for a reason. They are unproven because of a lack of human data, not because they’ve been proven not to work. That’s an important thing to remember.

NAC is great for acne reduction. One study found a 50% decrease in lesions after 12 weeks.

Warning: none of you are stupid, but please use caution and discretion while supplementing any of these. In particular ashwagandha, which is very effective for anxiety, caused me to feel faint and dry after a few hours after taking it. Could be an allergic reaction, but please note that. Also Sam-E is very effective for depression, but if you have bipolar, like myself, you need to stay away because it puts you straight into a manic episode.

Finally, one supplement found on but not on the list is Agmatine. Dosage sizes of 2-3 grams was found to be very effective for depression in 3 subjects who weren’t taking any prescriptions and did not have treatment resistant depression. It’s an incredibly small study so use your own discretion. It went for a period of 6-8 weeks.

Ok enough of that. Here we go.

Until another time,


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